How can I be involved?

Submit art and links to us by tweeting with the hashtag #WikiLeaksArt

Anyone creating WikiLeaks art in any artistic medium can participate. Whether you’re creating memes, gifs, video, animation, infographics, websites, games, street art, painting, drawing, photography, prose,  poetry, mixed media, art happenings, design, theatre, comedy, music, dance, sculpture, robotics, code… if your art promotes and is inspired by WikiLeaks—the organisation, its staff, its overall philosophy and issues related to various leaks—and/or alleged WikiLeaks’ sources, the WikiLeaks Art Force has space for you and will help you connect with others. Please note that content will be curated.

Our first big event will be a tshirt design contest with a cash prize, to be judged by prominent artists.

We’re starting on twitter, amplifying old and new #WikiLeaksArt, and we’re building a website.

Plans for 2017 include:

  • Resources & art archives.
  • Artist profiles and highlighted artists, projects and works.
  • A platform for artisitic collaboration: amongst artists, between artists and journalists, and between artists and activists.
  • Fundraising for WikiLeaks operations via sales of original artworks and collaboration with the WikiLeaks Shop.
  • Promotion and amplification of events and exhibitions on and offline.

And we’d like to hear ideas from you. You can tweet them to us.